Are you a discouraged job seeker frustrated by the confusing (and disheartening) job hunt process?

The fact is job searching can be exhausting.

After weeks of searching for a job, you're left feeling...


  • Hopeless: "There's nothing out there for me."


  • Confused: "There's so much information out there, how do I know which advice to follow?"


  • Vulnerable: "I'm just waiting for my name to be called with the next restructuring."


  • Anxiety: "It's been two months…will I ever find a job?"


  • Uncertainty: "Is my dream job even out there, or should I take any job I can get?"


  • Defeated: "There are hundreds of people applying for these perfect jobs, what's the point of trying?" 


  • Embarrassed: "I don't want people to know that I'm out of work."


This isn't how job searching should feel.

Whether you're a…


college grad entering the workforce for the first time,


a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, 


or a veteran employee of 10 years who's just been laid off,

Curating a career you love IS possible.

Maybe you've already tried...

  • Applying for dozens of jobs online only to hear crickets in return.


  • Endlessly Googling resume tips and networking strategies…but you're still not sure what to do next.


  • Asking every friend and family member to edit your resume…and getting a dozen different opinions in return.


  • Recrafting your cover letter over and over again. "Do people still read these things?"


  • Building a LinkedIn profile… but get the feeling that you haven't cracked the code to fully leveraging it. "How does this actually help me find a job?"


  • Attempting interviews…but they didn’t pan out and now you’re left feeling devastated and overwhelmed at the thought of starting the job search all over again. 


  • Attending a few networking events…but felt slimy and sleazy, so you left after one drink thinking:"Networking will never be an option for me!".


The thing is… No one ever taught you how to be an expert at job searching.

Sure, you've heard all the same-ole advice before…

"You've got to…

  • ...make your resume more impactful." 

  • ...format your resume to make it look modern and more appealing." 

  • with more people." 

  • ...make yourself more marketable." 

  • ...apply for every job online."

  • ...take any job you can get."

  • ...include all of your work experience on your resume." 

  • ...use a headhunter." 

But you don't know how.

  •  How do I make my resume more impactful? "Does this resume truly express my years of experience or skillset? Does it stand out?"


  • How do I network: "Am I using people? Am I being annoying? Am I being too aggressive? Do people really want to help me? Am I being insincere?" 


  • How do I handle interviews? "Can I really be prepared to answer so many possible questions?" 



Are you frustrated from all the ambiguous advice from friends that leave you confused and pulling your hair out?

Listen, job searching doesn't have to be a hopeless and confusing process.


Instead of navigating the job search in isolation, with only your friends and blog posts from the internet to guide you…


You need modern, proven tools and tactics straight from the experts in the hiring field.


In other words, you need powerful strategies that are working today. 

Hi, I'm Christopher Taylor,

former executive recruiter and headhunter, and founder of the Occupation Optimist.

I've dedicated my career to working with recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers. I've also been featured in Fortune 500 publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, the Muse, and Business Insider, covering dozens of topics surrounding career transitions and landing new roles.

That's what I'm most known for anyway.

But what most people don't know about me is that before my career as a headhunter, before starting my career consultancy, I used to be PETRIFIED of networking.

Physically sick.

Sweaty hands, racing heart, blank mind, tongue-twisted petrified.

It started when I was abruptly laid off from my high-level job in sales.

I unexpectedly found myself anxious about my future, uncertain about what I wanted to do next, and unsure how to move forward.

Feeling the pressure to find a job quickly, I set an audacious, Big Hairy goal.

To land my next role by networking.

I made it my mission to have a new conversation with someone EVERY DAY.

Apartment dwellers in the elevator. Starbucks baristas. Even long-lost, second cousins found through (Hello Derrick!)

After roughly a hundred conversations, I was able to land my DREAM job as a headhunter at an executive-level recruiting agency.

It was through this experience that I discovered how fun job searching could be.

And now I'm on a mission to help discouraged job seekers with unsuccessful job hunt strategies achieve impactful resumes, network with confidence and ease, and gain top interview tactics to land their dream job.
Hi, I'm Christopher Taylor,

My clients have landed roles at:

  • How to land a job

Let me guess…

You're an expert at your job, but…

you're a newbie at job searching. 


That's why I wanted to create something that teaches you HOW to be an expert in finding your next role. 


…something that goes way deeper than free YouTube tutorials or generic information from an internet search. 


…an affordable program that costs less than my executive coaching and resume consultations. 


…a course that contains all of my best coaching and career advice from my years of recruiting and consulting so that you can learn the most up-to-date strategies for curating your next-level career.


You'll learn how to…

Design an Effective Strategy: 

with a modern, customized plan to land your next role, fast.

Craft a Powerful Resume:

 strategic content and design to get you noticed.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

 with powerful strategies based on industry secrets to get you discovered by recruiters.  

Nail your Interviews:

 with techniques to handle challenging interviews and ways to stand out from the competition


What's Inside the So Optimistic Course?

Module 1: Job Hunt Strategy:

Learn how to...

  • Implement modern strategies for the most effective and efficient route to your next job.

Module 2: Impactful Resumes

Learn how to...

  • Craft powerfully persuasive resumes.

  • Impress recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition managers.

  • Strategically address employment gaps.

  • Show impact instead of broad job descriptions.

Module 3: LinkedIn Optimization

Learn how to...

  • Build a profile that jumps off the page.

  • Decrypt the power of LinkedIn with powerful optimizations like visually appealing photos, niche keywords, compelling headlines, and other powerful adjustments.

  • Get discovered by recruiters and stand out as an ideal hire.

Module 4: Leveraging Networking

Learn how to...

  • Network with confidence (yes really!) with powerful mindset shifts to boost confidence.

  • Expand your network so that you have more opportunities to find your perfect job.

  • Increase your response rate when reaching out to strangers (no more crickets!).

  • Craft an attention-grabbing elevator speech to feel ready for any networking conversation.

  • Utilize scripts to build confidence and poise when networking with strangers.

Module 5: Modern Interview Tactics

Learn how to...

  • Implement easy, modern, powerful interviewing tips.

  • Prepare for an upcoming interview.

  • Stand out from the competition.

Plus: Proven templates, scripts, and workbook exercises to guide you through the entire dream job landing journey.

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Plus: Proven templates, scripts, and workbook exercises to guide you through the entire dream job landing journey.

"One of the best decisions I made"

“I was in a tough situation with my job and decided to leave. Days leading up to my last day, I was referred to Chris through a friend. One of the best decisions I made was reaching out to him. Chris gave me so much insight on how resourceful Linkedin is for networking and finding the next job. Not only did he provide a different outlook on using online tools but he also provided so much encouragement. Through his services, he’s given me so much confidence and helped alleviate my nerves and anxiety. I’m cannot wait to begin the next stage in working with him. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is needing career advice. ”

Erica - Program ManagerErica - Program Manager

"...secured 3 job interviews in 2 months!"

“I contacted Chris in June to seek advice on how to revamp my resume, rebrand my LinkeIn profile and how to leverage my skillsets for the jobs that I wanted. I followed his advice to a T and secured 3 prominent job interviews within two months. I'm pleased to announce that today I was offered a position by a big pharmaceutical company. I highly recommend Chris for an efficient, professional, friendly and up-to-date service.”

Makhosi - Head ScientistMakhosi - Head Scientist

The value of this program is just over $1,000

  • Private coaching/strategy: $150 per hour

  • Resume rewrite: $249-$600

  • LinkedIn Optimization: $99

  • Interview Prep: $150 an hour

  • Scripts, templates, and workbook: $300

  • Hours saved from Googling and researching "resume tips": priceless

But here's the thing, this course is about the fast and efficient route to landing your next role…


...and every month in unemployment (or at a lower-paying job) costs you the salary you could be earning in your dream job. 


The regular price of this course is $499. 


But I'm not charging that amount. Because I believe everyone deserves to show up in their job search empowered with the best tips and resources possible to curate the career of their dreams.

So I'm offering this course at $199. 


And because I want to give you all of my best tips and tricks so that you can land your dream job, and show up in this world as the best version of yourself, I'm also including these bonuses:

Bonus material

Video series designed to give you the most comprehensive job hunt strategy.

  • Discover Your Passions

    $100 value

    Does curating your dream job intimidate you because you've never stopped to consider what your dream job is? I'll walk you through crafting your vision, so job hunting ignites excitement in you while you envision the possibilities (instead of dread at the prospect of submitting another resume).

  • How to Work with Headhunters

    $100 value

    Learn whether working with a headhunter is right for you, and how to work with one. Attract the right headhunters and capitalize on their industry knowledge to find your dream job even faster.

  • Closing the Deal

    $100 value

    Learn how to handle your trickiest interview questions. Things like discussing compensation, asking for the job, and how to handle the feared "what's the reason for leaving your previous job?" question.

More Bonuses!

  • Promote Faster

    $100 value

    Did you land a job and now you're ready to promote fast? Learn how to navigate internal promotions and raises within your current company.

  • Facebook Group (coming soon)

    A group for networking, advice, encouragement, and monthly coaching calls from me as I go live and edit resumes, optimize LinkedIn profiles, and answer any lingering questions. This is where you can banish isolation, bust through your most challenging fears, get visible, and connect with others going through a similar journey.

But I want to make this as safe of a decision for you as possible because I know how scary it is to invest money into a course right now when your top priority is to make money, not spend it. 


I'm offering a money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with the course, you can request a refund within 30 days.


Social proof: testimonials

“Chris is knowledgeable, sincerely cares about your success, and most importantly gives honest and thoughtful advice. I would recommend Chris for anyone looking to expand their career, at all levels, from the most junior to seasoned executives.”


“Chris helped me recognize the value of my past experience and zero in on what was really important for my next position to offer. Chris went the extra mile when providing in-depth research and concrete resume/LinkedIn advice.”


As a reminder: Here's everything you're getting to empower yourself to curate a career of your dreams:

Module 1: Craft an effective and efficient Job Hunt Strategy

Module 2: Build a powerfully persuasive resume

Module 3: Learn LinkedIn Optimizations

Module 4: Network with Confidence

Module 5: Nail the Interviews

Plus these Bonuses

Bonus 1: Discover your Passions to Ignite Excitement 

Bonus 2: Internal Positioning: Promote Fast. 

Bonsu 3: Working and Leveraging Headhunters

Bonus 4: Closing the Deal and Land the Job.  

Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group.



  • Is this course for me?

    If you're a college grad entering the workforce for the first time, a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, a veteran employee of 10 years who's just been laid off, or an employee looking to make a change…this course is for you. Whether it's to maintain a personal brand, promote internally within your company, negotiate higher wages, or change careers, the skills in this course help you achieve those goals.

  • 2. How is this different than hiring a resume writer?

    Hiring a resume writer is certainly a good option. However, job searching goes beyond a well-crafted resume. In fact, resume writing is arguably only a small piece of the picture. With this comprehensive course, you learn to craft a persuasive resume (relinquishing the need to hire resume writers in the future), and you learn how to network effectively, leverage LinkedIn, and nail your interviews.

  • How much time do I need to commit to the program?.

    The course is 4 hours of video, with additional time needed to complete the workbook and exercises.

  • Why pay for a course when I can find this info for free online?

    Fair question! The internet is flooded with content. Some of it is useful; some of it is misguided and outdated. This course contains the most updated, modern, and comprehensive job-hunting techniques needed to quickly land your next role. This course is for people who can't afford to take the indirect route to land their dream job.

  • How do I know that you can help me?

    Good question! I have helped hundreds of clients curate a career or their dreams with private coaching, executive resume writing, and teaching these same proven strategies I have put into this course. In addition to my private coaching through my consultancy, I have a career in recruiting and headhunting, working with HR managers and hiring managers where I learned industry techniques for landing a dream job. I've also been featured in Fortune 500 publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, the Muse, and Business Insider, writing and advising on these very topics of job hunting, networking, resume writing, and interview prep. But the best way I serve my clients is not through my career accomplishments, but through my own career transition journey. With my familiarity with job loss, networking fears, and job uncertainty, I can authentically connect with my clients. And it's from that place of empathy that I am able to offer the best advice and tips to address those unique fears, concerns, and goals.

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