Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Intro: Welcome to the 'So Optimistic' Job Hunt E-Course
    • What You'll Learn
  • 2
    Discovering Your Passion
    • Discovering Your Passion: Figure Out What It Is That You Really Want To Do
    • Discovering Your Passion Exercise: Ask Family and Friends
    • Discovering Your Passion Exercise: 3 Job Descriptions & Research
    • Discovering Your Passion Exercise: SWOT Analysis
    • Discovering Your Passion: Participate
    • Discovering Your Passion: Discover Your "Why"
    • Discovering Your Passion Summary: Workbook
  • 3
    The Job Hunt Strategy
    • The Job Hunt Strategy: Take the Efficient and Effective Route to Land Your Next Role
    • Job Hunt Strategy Exercise: Find 10 Target Companies
    • Job Hunt Strategy Exercise: Get Training
    • Job Hunt Strategy Exercise: Try a Role
    • Job Hunt Strategy Exercise: Building a Bridge
    • Job Hunt Strategy: Typical Interview Process Timeline
    • Job Hunt Strategy Exercise: Reach Out
    • Job Hunt Strategy Summary: Workbook
  • 4
    • Resume: Impress Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Talent Acquisition
    • Resume Exercise: Resume Templates
    • Resume Exercise: Header
    • Resume Exercise: Employment Gaps
    • Resume Exercise: Key Distinctions and Credentials Examples
    • Resume Exercise: Key Distinctions and Credentials Worksheet
    • Resume Exercise: Education and Experiences
    • Resume Exercise: Company Snapshot
    • Resume Exercise: Bullet Point Questions Worksheet
    • Bullet Point Worksheet
    • Resume Summary: Workbook
  • 5
    • LinkedIn: Build a Profile That Jumps Off the Page
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Choosing a Profile Picture
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Choosing a Header Background
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Summary
    • LinkedIn: Connections
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Header
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Job Titles
    • LinkedIn Exercise: Final Reminders
    • LinkedIn Summary: Workbook
  • 6
    • Networking: Become a Mover and Shaker Within Your Industry
    • Networking Exercise: Be Transparent
    • Networking Exercise: Finding Commonalities
    • Networking Exercise: Elevator Pitch
    • Networking Exercise: One-Pager
    • Networking: Events
    • Networking Exercise: Applications
    • Networking Summary: Workbook
  • 7
    Internal Positioning
    • Internal Positioning: Land Promotions and Move Within Your Current Company
    • Internal Positioning Exercise: 3 Brainstorming Questions
    • Internal Positioning Exercise: Networking
    • Internal Positioning Exercise: Coworker Relationships
    • Internal Positioning Exercise: 30-60-90 Day Plan
    • Internal Positioning Summary: Workbook
  • 8
    • Headhunters: Attract and Capitalize on Headhunters
    • Headhunters: Benefits of Working with a Headhunter
    • Headhunters: Connecting with Headhunters
    • Headhunters: Final Tips
    • Headhunters Summary: Workbook
  • 9
    Interview Strategy
    • Interview Strategy: Nail the Interview
    • Interview Strategy Exercise: Interview Preparation
    • Interview Strategy Exercise: Set Yourself Apart
    • Interview Strategy Exercise: Closing
    • Interview Strategy Summary: Workbook
  • 10
    Closing The Deal
    • Closing The Deal: Do What the Competition Won't Know To Do
    • Closing the Deal Exercise: Discussing Compensation
    • Closing the Deal Exercise: Asking for the Job
    • Closing the Deal Exercise: References
    • Closing the Deal Exercise: Reason for Leaving
    • Closing the Deal Summary: Workbook
  • 11
    Bonus Video
    • Cover Letter: Ink a Cover Letter That Demands Attention
    • Cover Letter: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Cover Letter Instructions
    • Cover Letter Format
    • Cover Letter Example
    • Cover Letter Template
    • Cover Letter Assignment
    • Cover Letter Summary: Workbook