“I was in a tough situation with my job and decided to leave. Days leading up to my last day, I was referred to Chris through a friend. One of the best decisions I made was reaching out to him. Chris gave me so much insight on how resourceful Linkedin is for networking and finding the next job. Not only did he provide a different outlook on using online tools but he also provided so much encouragement. Through his services, he’s given me so much confidence and helped alleviate my nerves and anxiety. I’m cannot wait to begin the next stage in working with him. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is needing career advice. ”

Erica - Program ManagerErica - Program Manager

“I knew I wanted to do something else with my career, my problem was I didn't have a hint of how to go about getting started. After connecting with Chris I got the guidance I so needed. He gave me a plan and how to execute each step. He helped me to transition my skills and experience into a new title, re-constructed my resume, gave me the blueprint for my LinkedIn page, he gave me a plan for networking and interviewing pointers. Less than 5 months later I'm starting a new role with a new company, making more money and better benefits. I am grateful for all he's done for me.”

Semone - Project ManagerSemone - Project Manager

“I contacted Chris in June to seek advice on how to revamp my resume, rebrand my LinkeIn profile and how to leverage my skillsets for the jobs that I wanted. I followed his advice to a T and secured 3 prominent job interviews within two months. I'm pleased to announce that today I was offered a position by a big pharmaceutical company. I highly recommend Chris for an efficient, professional, friendly and up-to-date service.”

Makhosi - Head ScientistMakhosi - Head Scientist

“Chris was a great resource when I was looking for my next career - and a relocation to boot! He gave me great tips and direction. A few weeks later, and I've moved to a new state and signed an offer letter! Chris is a great resource for both the job hunt and relocation strategy.”

Avi - Business Development ManagerAvi - Business Development Manager

“Chris offered me a fresh, new take on job search and networking techniques in this current online environment. In particular, he introduced me to the idea of digital networking via connecting the dots between the job/position/company you are interested in and a recruiter or decision-maker on LinkedIn. I was recently successful with this communication technique and hopeful that it leads to my next career step. I am grateful for Chris' guidance and advice!”

Colleen - Director of OperationsColleen - Director of Operations



  • Intro: Welcome to the 'So Optimistic' Job Hunt E-Course

  • Discovering Your Passion: Figure Out What It Is That You Really Want To Do

  • The Job Hunt Strategy: Take the Efficient and Effective Route to Land Your Next Role

  • Resume: Impress Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Talent Acquisition

  • LinkedIn: Build a Profile That Jumps Off the Page

  • Networking: Become a Mover and Shaker Within Your Industry

  • Internal Positioning: Land Promotions and Move Within Your Current Company

  • Headhunters: Attract and Capitalize on Headhunters

  • Interview Strategy: Nail the Interview

  • Closing The Deal: Do What the Competition Won't Know To Do

Not Sure If This Course Is For You?

  • Why shouldn't I just get the information for free via YouTube and online articles?

    You could absolutely spend the next few weeks compiling advice from a number of so called "experts". But who has the time and who knows if the info is even credible? For just $149 you could become a job search expert in just 4 hours. Not only will you have everything you need to know in one place, you'll also have continued access enabling you to come back and reference any chapter whenever you're in need.

  • A four hour video seems pretty lengthy!

    I assembled an awesome team to curate a video that’s visually appealing. I’m talking Wardrobe, Set Designer, Videographer, Editor, and more – to put together a vid that holds your attention. The tone is casual (no lectures), the info is broken into 11 Chapters that are easy to digest, and there are plenty of scripts which give examples that have worked for past clients. The 'So Optimistic' Job Hunt E-Course ensures you'll get your money's worth!

  • Will this really work for me?

    Yes! If you watch the video in its entirety, update your resume & LinkedIn, and follow the advice that the course lays out, then the answer is yes. It's definitely worked for lots of folks, and I believe it'll work for you too! When you get a chance, take a peek at the testimonials on the Occupation Optimist site & recommendations via my LinkedIn Profile.

  • Why should I take advice from you versus another career coach?

    I understand what you’re going through! I spent 10+ years rapidly climbing the ranks within an unfulfilling career, got laid-off, and transitioned industries to chase my passion. I know the mental and financial challenges of finding that next opportunity. So, I’m here giving modern advice to guide you toward what you want (not just spitting rhetoric). I really care and I want to see you win really badly!! Plus, professionally I'm a former Headhunter and I've published career advice in a dozen prominent publications.